Here are some things which you should know

FREE Xbox LIVE Codes Generator does not exist.

  Every website or blog which gives you away FREE Xbox LIVE Codes by a Generator is a scam. There is no such thing as Xbox LIVE Codes Generator. It is impossible to gain FREE codes by writing a program which hacks into the MS LIVE servers or generates random genuine codes.

  Writing an algorithm which keeps generating working codes is just another fraud reason to infect your PC with viruses or malicious software.

  “Yes” - you would say, but still, by entering here you’ve looked for something which would bypass the need of spending a small fortune for the joy of playing or socializing in LIVE. We are fully aware of the fact that you are searching for FREE codes and you do not wish to spend so much money.

  Another thing which you should consider is that there are many unused codes, which are generated by MS with different marketing purposes. Everyone knows there are many FREE 48-hour and even longer-time codes over the internet waiting to be redeemed.

  Microsoft sometimes allow FREE GOLD Codes and points with different marketing promotions to interest more people and to keep the older one engaged. These FREE points and codes are for promotional purposes only and are given to few people or few website communities. 

  The trick is to know where and when to look.

  What we offer is a List, not Generator which includes the latest FREE Xbox LIVE Codes which we gathered through the web.

How we do

By searching the web and marketing events 

  Our team manually search the web and looks for MS giveaways which are released for public. We do not use algorithms or malicious generators to do so, but by searching the right places at the right time for new codes we add them to our database.

  Here you can DOWNLOAD a list which consist of over a 1000 (thousand) 100% WORKING FREE Xbox LIVE codes which you can redeem as soon as possible. The codes are between 48 hours to 12 months period of GOLD Subscription. We offer you a text file, not a suspicious generator.

Why we do it ?

  1. We are friends and avid gamers
  2. We are sick of paying high subscription fees annually
  3. We've come up with a working method of gathering LEGAL codes
  4. We are feeling obligated to help fellow gamers to enjoy the full service of Xbox Live and enrich and extend the gaming community

What’s in it for us?

  In condition to DOWNLOAD the file, you must fill a random survey. The completion of the survey will generate for us a small earnings which we need for to keep harvesting for new codes. There is no risk for you.

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